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Rational Self Cooking Centre XS Model 6×2/3 GN

Our Price : £4,716.00 inc. Vat

£3,930.00 ex. Vat

Inroducing the new Rational Self Cooking Centre XS Model 6 x 2/3 GN


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Product Reference: B608100.01


Rational Self Cooking Centre XS Model 6×2/3 GN

2 Year Warranty.

Width 655mm, Depth 555mm, Height 567mm.

Weight 72 Kg.

Lengthwise Loading 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8 GN.

Water Inlet R 3/4″,?Water Outlet DN 40, Water Pressure 150-600 kPa or 0.15-0.6 Mpa.

Mains Connection 3 NAC 400 V.

Fuse ?3 x 10 A.

Connected Load 5.7 kW.

Convection Output 5.4 kW.

Steam Output 5.4 kW.

Meals Per Day 20-80.

LED lighting.

Trple glass door.

Energy consumption display.

I Phone remote function.

Intergrated hand shower with automatic retraction system.

Centrifugal grease separator system, no need to change grease filters.

ClimaPlus Control, humidity sensor system regulated to one pecent accuracy.

Dynamic air circulation giving all round excellent food quality with full loads.

Positioning aid provides correct placement of the temperature probe in soft, small and liquid products.

Freash steam generator producing 100% hygienic fresh steam saturation even at low temperatures with automatic descaling prosess so no need for water softening.

6 Piont Probe.

Control Panel that is placed on the side of the unit to reduce risk of injury from rising steam and lengthens the life of the panel.

300c Maximum cooking cabnet.


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