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Fogarty Charcoal Oven

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Fogarty Charcoal Oven

Product Reference: Fargoty Charcoal Oven


Fogarty Charcoal Oven

A brand new product to rival all other charcoal ovens. The Fogarty is tough, durable, chic and will make a perfect addition to your kitchen. Designed with chefs in mind the door is made with heat resistant glass with an easily accessible push-pull action for speedy access during those hectic services.

the Fogarty’s spark arrester manages a steady release of smoke meaning it can be used under most extraction canopies.

An accurate temperature gauge allows the user to reach controlled burns up to 500oC.

Dimensions (cm) 60w x 85h x 64d

See what?Michelin starred Chef Brad Carter of Moseley, Birmingham thought of the Fogarty…



  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Chimney/spark arrestor easily removable for cleaning
  • Stainless steel handle and hinge bar
  • Solid heat resistant window to monitor progress
  • Use anywhere from 50oC to 500oC
  • Adustable air vent
  • Removable ash collection tray
  • 2 x Stainless steel shelves
  • 12 optional rack positions
  • Reduction of 40% fuel consumption compare to conventional grills

Fogarty Charcoal Oven

Improve your spec with these add-ons:

  • Multiple Grills
  • Pizza/bread shelf or use as a deflector plate whilst smoking
  • Customise your oven stands:
    • [KSFO2] Stainless Steel open trolley, on lockable castors (600x640x800mm)
    • [KSFO3] Stainless Steel closed trolley with hinged door to front, on lockable castors (600x640x800mm)
    • [KSFO4] Stainless Steel open trolley with secondary storage drawer, on lockable castors (600x640x800mm)
    • [KSFO5] Stainless Steel closed trolley with hinged door to front & secondary storage drawer, on lockable castors (600x640x800mm)
  • Bespoke Stag charcoal mixes:
    • 3 x 6KG Bag Mixed hardwood charcoal containing Ash, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Alder, Beech, Oak & Hawthorn. Great standard charcoal
    • 3 x 6KG Bag Hornbeam charcoal aka Hertfordshire gold. High quality general use charcoal
    • 3 x 6KG Bag Beech charcoal, dense & long-burning giving a clear, sweet, smoky flavour
    • 3 x 6KG Bag Alder Charcoal, one of the best. Sweet, lightly smoky flavour, with a controlled burn. Great with white meat and fish

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Open, Cupboard, No Stand


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