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Flavour Blaster Kit – Flamingo Pink

Our Price : £354.00 inc. Vat

£295.00 ex. Vat

Get dependable results on your most daring recipes !

The Flavour Blaster is the first piece of cocktail equipment ever standardised, and carefully safety tested to

MAKE beautiful bubbles with ease

INFUSE your drinks with aromatic mist

CREATE clouds of smoke for dramatic effect

If you’re after vibrant ingredients for cutting-edge cocktail and restaurant recipes or eye-catching service ideas for your venue, then you’ll need the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit and accessories.


Our Colours available – BlackUFO GreenGoldSilverFlamingo Pink

Don’t forget your Bubble Mix, Flavours, Tanks & Coils, Accessories



Product Reference: FLBLKit-FP


Every Mixologist will be wanting the Flavour Blaster Kit behind their bar, creating new and amazing cocktails. Set yourself apart from the competition.

Infuse your creations with a cloud of flavoured or neutral mist.

  • Create edible bubbles filled with aromatics
  • Fill Cloches with aromatic clouds
  • Make your own aromatic clouds for cocktail and drinks
  • Theatrical aromatic clouds for desserts

Your new Flavour Blaster Kit will include.

  • 1x Flavour Blaster with charging cable
  • 5x 10ml Aromatic Cocktail Bottles (Each will produce 250 Aroma Clouds, comes with Rosemary, Mixed Berry, Citrus, Neutral and Smoke Flavours)
  • 5x Tank Coil (it is recommendation that a Tank Coil is changed for each flavour for best results)
  • 1x Bubble Mixture – Bubblelick™️ 180ml (A bottle of Bubblelick will produce 1,000 bubbles if used neat and up to 2,000 bubbles if mixed with water or sugar syrup.

Our Colours available – BlackUFO GreenGoldSilverFlamingo Pink

Don’t forget your Bubble Mix, Flavours, Tanks & Coils, Accessories



1 years limited warranty covering parts & labour on the Blaster

See the Flavour Blaster in action below, or from more info Click Here


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